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The Heavy Metal Review’s Top 10 Metal Albums of 2012

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Every metal blog/magazine/musician out there is publishing its Top Albums List around this time of year and The Heavy Metal Review is no exception. It’s interesting to see how so many people’s lists can vary based on genre preference and life experiences that made a particular album hit home harder than the rest. So here is my heavily contemplated Top 10 in terms of what I rocked out to the most this year.

10. Black Breath – Sentenced to Life


Sentenced to Life takes the distorted death metal of Entombed and combines it with more traditional thrash and hardcore influences to make an album that is unrelenting, yet highly listenable. This is easily Black Breath’s best release to date (though it’s only the band’s second full-length) and the album’s short run-time means it does not overstay its welcome in your rotation.

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Album Review: Deftones’ melodies on ‘Koi No Yokan’ still hit hard

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Metal fans can be an elitist bunch. While I feel my musical tastes have grown with age, I still remember the days when I openly mocked Deftones for its angst-ridden vocals and melodies. No matter how many times I heard how great of an album White Pony was, I couldn’t find the time to give it a fair shot.

Then one night during after hours at a local bar someone played Deftones’ “Diamond Eyes” on the jukebox. Maybe it was the whiskey talking, but the song’s guitar-heavy intro and Chino Moreno’s vocals floored me on this one and I purchased the full album the next day.

I was hooked on the heavy, yet emotional, tone on Diamond Eyes which I found to be a perfected version of what I had heard off White Pony. That brings us to Deftones’ latest album Koi No Yokan which has the vibes of a more mature and cleanly polished version of Saturday Night Wrist.

Koi No Yokan is certainly a more challenging listen than Diamond Eyes and takes multiple spins to fully digest. And while not as immediately memorable as its predecessor, it is still an enthralling album.

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Written by Eric

December 6, 2012 at 7:48 pm