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Album Review: Six Feet Under’s ‘Unborn’ contains some bloody-good leftovers

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Roughly 10 months after the release of Six Feet Under’s surprisingly rockin’ death metal record, Undead (which was never actually reviewed on this site – great album), the band released another full-length disc of what many would assume to be leftovers (aka B-sides) of material on Unborn. Similarities in album names and cover artwork aside, both albums showcase why former Cannibal Corpse frontman Chris Barnes is still adored by so many fans, something Six Feet Under’s previous work never did for me.

Ever since his final album with Cannibal Corpse (The Bleeding), Barnes’ career in Six Feet Under started to feel like a pot-smoking parody of his former one – no, the music world did not need a death metal cover album of Back In Black in its entirety, no matter how hard you might argue (see Graveyard Classics 2). It didn’t help that Cannibal Corpse had a stellar last couple of albums with George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher on vocals.

However, in 2012, Six Feet Under’s track record of mediocrity was crushed by Undead. The album took everything fans loved about Barnes and combined it with an amazing backing band, led by guitarist Rob Arnold, of Chimaira fame. On Unborn we lose the greatness of Arnold (his guitar work is only featured on “Psychosis” and “Inferno”), but still get plenty of enjoyable songs written and performed by Whitechapel’s Benjamin Savage and Torture Killer’s Jari Laine (Ola Englund is the current touring guitarist with the band).

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Written by Eric

April 20, 2013 at 1:24 am

The Heavy Metal Review Contact Information

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Contact Info

As you may have noticed, The Heavy Metal Review has been lacking in the album review department as of March 25, 2013. I recently relocated to a new apartment/city and am about to begin working a new job, so times have been busy! However, I plan on catching up on some major missed reviews of Clutch Earth Rocker, Six Feet Under Unborn and Killswitch Engage Disarm the Descent over the course of the next week, in addition to reviewing Ghost B.C. Infestissumam – which will be released on Tuesday April 16.

I have also been getting more inquiries from independent artists looking to submit their music for review. Any inquiries can now be sent to and the About page of the site has been updated to reflect the new email address.


-the Management

Written by Eric

April 14, 2013 at 6:28 pm